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  • Priority Support

    Priority Support

    In addition to our standard Free support, ProxiBlue offers a Priority Level 2 support option. ProxiBlue generally deals with free support requests in a first come, first serve basis. Since the support is free, we can, at our discretion, swap between issues in the free queue. Priority support Learn More
  • Ultimate Support

    Ultimate Support

    ProxiBlue offers an Ultimate Support solution: Your support issue, or feature request, will receive all our uninterrupted attention, for a minimum of at least 8 hours per day. Nothing will distract us, and no other issue will receive priority. We are all yours. We can only offer this Learn More
  • Install Service

    Install Service

    Need help to install?
    No worries, we can help.
    Purchase this service is you require installation help.

    Information required:

    =>Magento admin url
    =>Magento admin login user and password (unrestricted admin user please)
    =>Magento frontend url (and any Learn More