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  • Magento New Relic Integration

    Magento New Relic Integration

    Bring New Relic and Magento closer This module will allow in depth connection between the amazing New Relic Performance Monitoring System and your Magento website. Notice immediately what your Magento site is up to, and how changes affects your site performance. Uses the aweso Learn More
  • Update Download Links

    Update Download Links

    Update previous orders download links This FREE module will update all the download links for purchased downloadable products to the latest uploaded file. The name will also be updated accordingly. available via GitHub: https://github.com/ProxiBlue/UpdateDownloadLinks
  • Magento Config Generator

    Magento Config Generator

    Magento Config Data Generator

    I firmly believe that you should try not to use the magento admin to make configuration adjustments.

    The main mindset behind this is to prevent changes made in a development environment, not to go live with your deployment of code. It can be quite emb Learn More

  • Order Sync Que Runner

    Order Sync Que Runner

    Sync magento orders to external system via queue

    The standard magento way to sync orders placed, to external systems, is to use the 'sales_order_place_after' event. (This is even a question in the magento certification exam)

    I have a problem with this: latency at checkout!

  • Google reCaptcha

    Google reCaptcha

    2 Review(s)
    Drop-In Replacement of Magento's core Captcha system using Google reCaptcha. Clean implementation, clean code. Supports the new 'I am not a robot' captcha style. Works in all standard core captcha forms, plus Contact Us and Product Reviews.