I firmly believe that you should try not to use the magento admin to make configuration adjustments.

The main mindset behind this is to prevent changes made in a development environment, not to go live with your deployment of code. 
It can be quite embarresing when your new super duper module works incorrectly on live, just because you forgot to configure live the same as your dev system.
A simple yes/no config change forgotten can make the world of difference on a new feature

It is extremely time consuming (not to mention mundane) to create the required script code, and having to do it multiple times just gets too frustrating.

This module eases the task in creating scripted admin config changes.

Once installed, a new menu option appears under Systsem->Tools simply called ProxiBlue Config Generator.

The new option will display a grid, which displays all the config values held in the core_config_data database table (thus all the admin config settings)
You can then simply select the options you wish to export, and a config script will be generated, and downloaded.


You can then place the generated script as one of your module install files, and it will reload the config values exported when your module install.

The script created will be like this:

* This file was generated by using ProxiBlue Config Generator
* You can edit the generated config file by making changes in the template file
* proxiblue_configgen.phtml located in the admin design folder.

* Latest code available from our website www.proxiblue.com.au

*/ $installer = $this;
$installer->startSetup(); $config = new Mage_Core_Model_Config(); $configItems = json_decode('[{"config_id":"5","scope":"default","scope_id":"0","path":"web\/unsecure\/base_url","value":"http:\/\/giftpromodemo.dev.proxiblue.com.au\/"},{"config_id":"6","scope":"default","scope_id":"0","path":"web\/secure\/base_url","value":"http:\/\/giftpromodemo.proxiblue.com.au\/"}]'); foreach ($configItems as $configItem) {
  $config->saveConfig($configItem->path, $configItem->value, $configItem->scope, $configItem->scope_id);
} $installer->endSetup();


The module is available on GitHub : https://github.com/ProxiBlue/ConfigGen

ref: http://magento.stackexchange.com/questions/252/what-is-the-best-deploy-strategy/258#258