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Quality, not quantity!

ProxiBlue is dedicated in producing quality magento modules.

Modules produced will be well written, using standards, and will be well supported.

All modules will be 100% (copyrighted) open source, allowing other developers to customize the functionality.

We do not like working with modules that obfuscate their code, as they are hard to maintain, and in a lot of instances problematic with custom server environments. 

ProxiBlue's Senior Software Developer has over 8 years experience in creating modules for magento. He ensures quality written code. 

Our business model is changing, due to our popularity and ever growing client base.

From the 1st of December 2014, the following items in our business model will change:

  • Upgrades will be free of charge for 1 year from purchase date.
  • We will offer three levels of support:
    • Free Best Effort: Our usual FREE super support remains. We will deal with each request on a first come first serve basis.
    • Priority support: You will be dealt with ahead of free support issues. If we have multiple priority support requests, time will be fairly split between each.
    • Ultimate support: Dang everything else, we work on your issues, or feature requests only.

We will continue to support unlimited upgrades to clients who purchased our modules before 1st December 2014, as per our current business model, however support and feature requests will follow as per our new business model.

ProxiBlue is growing. 
Our  new business model will allow us to support your business needs in a more professional and timely manner.

 With us software development is a passion.


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