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Magento Dynamic Category Products

Stop wasting your valuable time manually assigning products to categories. Eliminate human error. Assign correct products to categories, and never have a product that is not assigned to a category. Using simple to use rules, you can automate the entire product to category assignment process. Spend your valuable time on other aspects of your business.


ADMIN: http://dyncatprod.proxiblue.com.au/admin
Username: demo
Password: dem0dem0

FRONTEND: http://dyncatprod.proxiblue.com.au/

DOCS: http://www.proxiblue.com.au/docs/DynCatProdDoc.pdf

SKU: dyncatprod

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    What can this magento extension do for you?

    Simply put, it can save you valuable time, and it can save you money.

    How can it do this?

    Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce frameworks available today. Unfortunately, since it was created, the category management admin area never evolved much. This is especially true in regards to how you associate products to your categories.

    Currently (even in the latest version), you are required to manually find and associate products to your categories. If you have ever done this, especially when managing a store with a large product catalog, you will know all to well that this is a tedious, and time consuming task. It may even be necessary to hire staff dedicated to this task. Since the task is extremely cumbersome, it may even be possible to accidentally exclude some products from being associated to a category, resulting in potential revenue loss.

    Using the Dynamic Category Products extension, the task of associating products to your categories become so simple, and automated. Additionally, the extensions capabilities also allows you to create (and automate) new types of categories. Some examples would be a Best Sellers category, or a Most Viewed Products category.

    So how does it actually work?

    The Dynamic Category Products extension allows you to define rules to associated products with the category that you are editing. If a product is found in your catalog that matches the rule(s), they will be associated to the category. It is as simple as that. The rules are defined in the same way as those used in the standard Magento Shopping Cart Rules, and is thus already familiar to use. No user training is required.

    It is also possible to mix rule based and manually selected product associations. This means that you can still manually assign products to a category, even if that category has rules defined. The manually associated products will not be affected by the rules. They will stay associated until manually removed.
    Rules can be complex, meaning that you can combine unlimited rule combinations to build the category that you require.

    Categories are kept up-to-date

    Each day, all categories which has rules defined are rebuilt, thus ensuring that the associated products are kept up-to-date.
    If a product is edited, and any of the product attributes are changed (for example color is set from green to black), any category that uses the color attribute in its rules will be rebuilt within a 5 minute cycle. This simply means that the product will appear in the correct category (as defined by the color attribute rule) within 5 minutes.
    If a new product is created, or imported, the same 5 minute cycle applies. The product will appear in any category that has the rules that matches the product attributes.


    This module does not create a new category system, and has NO REWRITES! All core category functionality remains intact. Due to the fact that there are no rewrites, this extension is super compatible with other magento modules, and should not result in code conflicts with other 3rd party extensions.

    Compatible with all version from CE 1.4+ and EE 1.11+

    See our examples on the demo site, or create your own examples.
    Any product attribute (or attribute combinations) can be used to build the dynamic rules, making the product groupings limitless!

    New features are added constantly, most upon request from existing clients.

    We offer two types of licences:

    Option 1: (the default) Standard licence, per domain. This means you can use the module for one domain name. Example domains that are valid: one.example.com, two.example.com (unlimited sub-domains), or www.mysite.com, www.mystite.com.au, www.mysite.ru (unlimited domains for one store, for the purpose of country/language hosting of the one store. A limitation is that they are hosted on one magento install, as multiple stores. If you have multiple servers, each server requires one licence)

    Option 2: Multiple domains, per magento install. This will cover unlimited domain names, all on one magento install.

    You do not need licences for development / testing / uat sites. Licences are only required for live sites.


    Category by Product Attribute:

    The most basic feature of this extension, is the ability to add products to a category, based on the product attribute values, or combination of values. You can even go as far as creating top level category rules, which filters down to all child categories.

    This unique feature of 'Parent Rules' allows you to simplify the rules on all child categories, and enhance results.

    Some random example. The rule combinations are really left up to your imagination.

    Using rule based Category product Association, you can acheive results, and combination of products not yet thought possible.

    You can even keep a category Up-To-Date, daily, if a date range attribute pair with From and To dates are used. The dynamic rule will be smart enough to work out if today, on teh day someone views your category, that they get the correct products on that day (ie, today)

    Smart, no need to edit date ranges in teh rules all the time. Set the rule, and forget about it.

    Some more advanced features:

    Load all products that do NOT have the attribute value set. (IS NULL)

    From vesrion 4.30.0, you can do rules that will include all products that never had, or had NULL as the given attribute value.

    An example rule woudl be as such:


    In the rule above, you are adding a second rule set, designated as OR which will give you the all products that has a NULL, or never had this attribute value set.
    Another variation of the rule, in a simpler form:

    The rule given above will result in all products that do not have a value set, and the one product that has teh value set to 'ONE'

    Category Products Intersect.

    Create a new Dynamic Category that consists of all products that appear in ALL the given categories. 

    Please read the blog article for more information.

    Ability to update found product attributes.

    Mass-update all / any product attributes, after a product was placed in the category. This feature will help / allow you to get your product attributes better set, with more relevant data.

    Please read the blog article for more information.

    Full import export via magento dataflow profiles

    Fully import or export your dynamic rules between magento servers.
    Please read the blog article for more information.

    Copy rules between categories / Cut and Paste rules

    It is now also possible to copy rules between categories. You can either 'import' rules from another category, or you can copy and paste rules.
    Please read the blog article for more information.

    Sort by any product attribute

    Sorting rules allow you to sort by any combination of product attributes.



    Create Category Using product Tags

    You can create dynamic categories, based on product tags.
    This can range from any named tags, or by the most popular XX count of tags 


    Parent / Global Category Rules

    You can place rules on Parent Categories, which will then be applied to all child categories, recursively.
    You can set child categories to exclude parent rules.
    If you place a rule on the Top Root/Default Category, every category in your catalog will get that rule applied, making it 100% global 

    Below a view of the default category. This rule will filter down to the entire catalog.

    Default Category (top level)

    below you can see the rule defined in the parent category, being noted that it will be applied to the category.
    This is also a parent category, so itself can define parent rules, for its child categories.
    The child categories will get this parent rule and the parent parent rules applied.

    parent with parents

     One of the lowest level categories, showing it will apply rules from all the parents.
    lowest child 


    Dynamic Variables

    It is possible to use Dynamic Variables in the rule values.
    An example is to find all products that has the category name in the product name.

    Variables are placed within double {{  }} curly brackets

    Currently the following dynamic variables are supported:
    Category Attributes:

    Variable format: {{CATEGORY.ATTRIBUTE}} where ATTRIBUTE is any of the category attributes.
    Examples : 

    • {{CATEGORY>NAME}} - match the category name
    • {{CATEGORY>URL_KEY}} - match the url key of the category

    Add associated products of complex product types

    If any complex product type (configurable, grouped or bundle) is assigned to the category, all the associated products can also be assigned to the category.

    Remove manually assigned products from category (with global)

    Rule setting per category (or a global admin configuration option), which will remove any manually assigned products from the categgory.
    Read more: http://support.proxiblue.com.au/kb/faq.php?id=7

    Remove manually assigned categories from products (with global)

    Rule setting per category (or a global admin configuration option), which will remove any manually assigned categories from any products assigned to the current category.
    Read more: http://support.proxiblue.com.au/kb/faq.php?id=7

    Category Control actions on Parent Category

    It is now possible to set actions onto the current, or its parent category. This will allow you to (as just one example) to set a parent category as disabled, if there are no products found in any of it's child categories.

    Email Notifications on certain actions

    (actions notifications can be added upon request)

    You can now be notified if a category gets less than X products when rebuilt. X can be any number of configured product count.
    You can get notified if a category gets disabled by the Category Control rules.


    Regular Expressions Pattern Matching:

    Ability to use regular expression to match string values in product attributes (example use on Name, description or any textual attribute)
    Regular expression patterns follow standard MYSQL Pattern Matching rules: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/pattern-matching.html
    To invoke regular expression matching simply prefix any string with rx:


    Category Control:

    From version 3.1.0 it is now possible to chnage any category attribute values, based on the fact that there are products found in the result. This can, as one example, give you the ability to disable a category when there are no products found using the dynamic category product rules. You can then also add a rule to enable a category if there are results.

    This can be handy in dynamic categories that list New products created in the last X days, and sometimes that category can display empty since you have not added any new products.

    category control

    This is not limited to setting the category as active or enabled. You can manipulate any category attribute, even custom ones.

    category attributes

    Using this extension, you can create (unlimited) specialised categories:

    some examples:

    • Shop by Brand
      Shop By Brands 
    • Shop by Color
      Shop By Color 
    • Shop all Sale Products
      Shop By Sale Products
       Works with Percentage or fixed discount amounts. Works with Catalog Price Rule discounts given
    • Shop by Category X and Y (combine categories into one category)
       Combine Categories into one
      Uses lookup lists to define categories. No need o recall category details when defining rules!
    • Shop by product that cost more than or less than $$
      Price Ranges 
    • Shop by products that has any word in the description, using wildcards as well!
    • Shop by products that are low in stock
      low stock 
    • Shop by Most Viewed products
      most viewed
      The rule example also shows some LIMIT rules that can be defined. It is thus possible to show your TOP XX Most viewed Products. LIMITS can be added to any rule combination 
    • Shop By Best Selling products
       Best Sellers
    • Date Range (To / From) is handled specially, and allows for a definition of 'on the day the category is viewed'
      date ranges 
    • Target the Least selling and Least Viewed Products
      sales reports : least selling products
      sales reports : least viewed products
    The products to category association is limitless, and up to your imagination!
    Works with wildcard matches, even in description and SKU attributes! 
    It is thus possible to define a category that will show products with the following SKU definitions:
    • SKU starts with - Rule defined as AAA%
    • SKU contains - Rule defined as %AAA%
    • SKU end with - Rule defined as %AAA 
    1. Saves a lot of work Review by jakob from q23media

      i really love this extension. it saves us a lot of worktime by creating a good, clean and even up 2 date catalog structures. we use a lot extensions, This is the most detailed and effective extension we have ever used. worth all the (small) money.

      we already used this extension years before with lower configuration options and a slow catalog building. but the new version is really really fast (for our catalog with more than 50.000 configurable products) and have a lot of nice options (like last pair - catching the products with only one simple product available). we now can use manually rebuild function to get current categories just in time. thank you very much again. (Posted on 11/11/2016)

    2. We wanted more…and got it!... Review by Chris Walsh - Just-Clothing.co.uk

      We have tried and purchased many different plugins and extensions for many platforms and we can honestly say that the support from Lucas at Proxiblue is the best support we have ever received. We have been using the extension on Magento now for many months now and the support is still outstanding. Not only will Lucas advise you on any problems if needed he will even connect to your server and take a look any related problems – in the past this is something we’ve had to buy “Support Packages” for from other suppliers.

      Proxiblue Dynamic Categories Extension is an absolutely vital extension for running Just-Clothing.co.uk. Our site simply would not be able to operate without it – the number man hours this extension takes away is huge, we would need a team to be able to manually do what this extension does in minutes. Running the extension via a cron job each night also means that once it’s setup you can just leave it to do what it does overnight and forget about it!

      FULL REVIEW: http://www.proxiblue.com.au/blog/dynamic-category-products-saves-website-build (Posted on 3/08/2016)

    3. Highly recommended ! Great Service and Awesome Extension! Review by Steph

      There are over 30000+ products in my #magento store. I don't know how to manage a lot of categories and products at the backend. Lucky , I found this extension search from google ! Lucas @ProxiBlue provided great service and direction to me for setup the correct rule on my site. They helped me a lots and save a lot of time !
      Highly recommended ! (Posted on 11/05/2016)

    4. Very usefull tool, perfect support! Review by q23media

      we bought the extension for a customer and spot while using that we need a special rule for one category.
      without any delay ProxiBlue gave us a solution for a good price and solved all problems during develop asap.
      now our customer is happy, we are happy and ProxiBlue is total to advise! (Posted on 17/12/2015)

    5. Good extension and excellent support Review by hiuryanderson

      This module helped us a lot with the organization of categories, especially in configurable products. We had a small problem in our installation magento 1.8.1 within hours was solved by the support. I recommend it to everyone. (Posted on 15/10/2015)

    6. Awesome Time-Saving Review by Robert q23

      Great extension. Will save a lot of life time when used right (Posted on 6/10/2015)

    7. Highly recommended extensions Review by JorisT

      This extension saves time and money for any webshop owner.
      Had an issue on a magento 1.5.1 installation, reported this to the developer and everything was sorted in a few hours. One of the best developers out there. (Posted on 10/09/2015)

    8. Great extension & professional support Review by may29

      We purchased this extension, after disappointment on another similar one, and we are very satisfied with its quality and performance.

      There was a small issue and the support immediately responded to my request and fixed it out.
      Very recommended. (Posted on 15/05/2015)

    9. A Perfect Website Merchandising Tool Review by uberlindy

      This is the ideal extension for anyone who has more than 200 products or more than a few categories. Or products which can fit in multiple categories. It allows you to set rules once on a category page and the products just show up on that page. This is the one tool that Magento should have offered natively and makes the platform now so much more functional.

      In addition, there was one small bug in the original extension that the developer fixed immediately and deployed it to the latest version. I cannot express to you how many hours of upfront and ongoing maintenance this extension has and will continue to save us. (Posted on 13/05/2015)

    10. Ingenious Extension Review by psychosash

      Dynamic Category Products has saved me 1000s of hours of manual labour.
      I mange a site with over 50,000 products and the thought of creating and maintaining categories was frightening.
      I am so thankful that I discovered this plugin which automated a very tedious process.
      Additionally, Lucas, the developer is very responsive and willing to make customizations when necessary.
      One of the highest recommended extensions! (Posted on 8/05/2015)

    11. Highly Recommended! Review by tal123

      I purchased ProxiBlue automatic category plugin. It is far more advanced and feature rich than other plugins I researched, but the greatest thing is that the developer implemented a very complicated feature (Parent Rules) upon request from me for free!

      highly recommended! (Posted on 25/02/2015)

    12. One of the best extensions in Magento Connect Review by jhollm

      I have bought/tried extensions from almost every major developer of the entire Magento Connect site. I have requested custom services from most of them too.

      This extensions is without doubt one of the best extensions I've bought. It's very well written with no core modifications.
      The service is one of a kind. I requested a custom feature and Lucas implemented it less than 1 day! had a small issue with a 3rd party extension an it and was fixed within hours.

      I highly recommend this extension to anyone looking to automate the boring and time consuming process of manually assign products to categories. (Posted on 28/01/2015)

    13. Perfect Solution for Stores with Growing Numbers of New Products! Review by recycledgoods

      In all my years running an ecommerce store I always dreamed of a feature that would automatically match our stores products with our categories.

      I have never seen anything like this extension before but I must say it made my dream come true.
      It’s an absolute must buy if you have a large dynamic growing store.

      This is the extension to get if you are adding or creating new products for a Magento store with lots of categories. I have recently developed a Magento store with nearly 40,000 skus and 300 to 400 categories. We have a small team adding new products to the product catalog daily. This extension is going to save us hours if not weeks per year automating the matching of new products with our existing categories. With this extension you use easy to setup product filters for each of your categories that will automatically take all the days’ new products and based upon keywords in the product title (or any attribute or condition) and attach them to your existing categories. If no category match exists you can review those unmatched items and add to or update the category filter on the fly so that future products will match up automatically in the future.

      Before I got this extension I had matched up about 15,000 products to our store categories by hand. I bought this extension for the automated matching, but after I purchased the extension I found it did not have a feature I thought it might. I wanted to create a catchall category and have all unmatched products automatically import into that category. That way I could search and filter in that category for unmatched products that I needed to either add to existing categories or create new categories for. I emailed the developer asking how I could set that up. Literally within a few hours Lucas had responded and was able to update the code to search for "null" values which solved my problem.

      Worked perfectly with Magento 1.9.1. (Posted on 17/11/2014)

    14. Completely blown away - Perfect for M2e Pro too! Review by andrewcatz

      I use this extension in combination with M2e pro's automatic listing actions for categories - and it's completely changed our whole eBay management workflow... I could not be happier!
      It's extremely well thought out, allowing an amazing, seemingly limitless combination of rules not available in other rule engines used in other extensions - I can't even begin to fathom how we will use all it's features in future... but I can see it will support pretty much anything we can think of.
      Also a most notable mention to Lucas (Developer), who has provided some amazing support via email over the last week... (wouldn't have been needed if I had been paying attention)... he was not only prompt to reply, but really understands magento and was able to diagnose issues with ease, Kudos! (Posted on 21/10/2014)

    15. Business made a lot simpler Review by novatech1

      This extension has saved us countless hours of work. The usefulness of this extension is unlimited. If you want to assign physical categories for the front end of your store. Or if you want to assign categories that are not shown on the front end for automation this extension will handle it. We have over 37k products and this extension handled them with a breeze. Great job.
      On top of all that, the developer is great. Very fast to respond with in depth responses. Thanks again, I can't wait to see what you come out with next, (Posted on 12/10/2014)

    16. Brilliant, Excellent, Amazing... Review by thewendy

      This module is AMAZING. It has transformed our website. It has freed me from chasing stupid import errors to focusing on bigger business problems!!
      I really believe the Magento Development community should make this module standard. Who doesn't want categories to autofill? I can't think of any business that would not want to use this.
      THANK YOU!!! (Posted on 12/10/2014)

    17. Great support. Good functions Review by NRNR

      This module is really good for adding products to categories automatically. Highly recommended. Great support, Lucas fixed an issue really quickly. (Posted on 30/09/2014)

    18. The module does what it’s expected to do and does it very well. Review by www.magekarma.com

      This extension has been reviewed on http://www.magekarma.com/ - see the review here: http://www.magekarma.com/magento-extension-review/proxiblue_dyncatprod/

      "By using this module you will avoid to manually assign products to categories whose content can be dynamically determined by a combination of rules. Considering the time it lets you save it is definitively worth its price." (Posted on 18/08/2014)

    19. Excellent extension Review by comma_abc

      This extension is extremely well thought and coded.
      We have purchased and installed it for two of our customers under Magento CE 1.8.1 and we are truly satisfied by its ease of use and functionality.
      Its filtering mechanism is great and can really help even a novice administrator create dynamic product lists using extended rules.

      Yes, I would totally recommend it for every installation. (Posted on 24/07/2014)

    20. One of the most useful extension so far Review by aronchi

      I'm a deployment & integrations provider, I useCommunity1.8.1

      This extension definitely solves the problem of automatically assign products with certain attributes inside proper categories, not forcing store managers to continuously manage catalog. (Posted on 24/07/2014)

    21. Excellent Extension Review by geissweb

      Simply brilliant and excellent extension! Support was friendly, fast and solved my request. (Posted on 23/07/2014)

    22. Very useful and well built extension - using Magento CE 1.5 Review by Papimaui

      This extension is a huge time saver for merchants with large categories as it eliminates the need to manually do the tedious but very important work of assigning categories. Also it eliminates human error that is bound to happen every now and then when employees are manually assigning categories.

      The extension can also help improve SEO with minimal effort as it lets you create landing pages that stay updated by themselves.
      Highly recommended!

      (Posted on 3/05/2014)

    23. Great extension and excellent support! Review by mschuler

      This extension has helped to eliminate much of the time it has taken us to maintain multiple category structures that constantly change based on season, promotions or other criteria. Having the ability to dynamically assign the products and then leave it alone (all while still being built right into the core category functionality) is everything we were looking for!
      There were a few requests I had related to simple/configurable products and Lucas from ProxiBlue was incredibly quick at making the feature enhancements and pushing out an updated version of the module. Great support for a great extension! (Posted on 22/03/2014)

    24. The best Developer Support ever Review by sevketc

      Perfect module, it's work well, only one small issue and the developer support fixed that fast with and update in 1 hour. (Posted on 14/01/2014)

    25. Search no more! - This extension is an absolute must have! Review by Vivek

      This extension is an absolute must have, whether you have 100 or 10000 products, it doesn't make sense to allocate time and resources to assign each product to multiple categories.
      If you come up with a new category that you would like to promote, perhaps a seasonal category or a category that contains products of a certain brand that are on sale, you'd have to go one by one and assign each product to the category. With this extension all you have to do is create the category and setup the rules.
      We also had issues integrating this extension with GoMage_Navigation, Lucas (The Developer behind ProxiBlue) helped us resolve these conflicts (before we even bought the extension!!).
      Lucas is an absolute legend, he's quick, articulate and very professional. Proxiblue is definitely one of the best if not THE best extension provider we have purchased from.
      If you're worried about how this extension would play with your setup, worry no more.
      I highly recommend this extension to anyone that uses Magento. (Posted on 4/12/2013)

    26. Great product and great developr Review by David

      Couldn't ask for more support and a great module. Thanks very much for all of your help! Will certainly recommend to others. (Posted on 5/11/2013)

    27. Saving time Review by Jeroen

      This extension saves us a lot of time!
      We import 10000+ products on a daily base and it is impossible to assign the categories manually.
      This extension is helping us to assign the products automaticly to the categories by the attributes!

      The help of the developper is very good and he will help you if there are problems.

      Thanx! (Posted on 29/10/2013)

    28. I highly recommend this product AND the developer Review by Brian Sweet

      The product is extremely useful... it's not just time-saving, but it allows for some creative categories we weren't able to create before.
      One of the best developer experiences I've had. There were a few tweaks needed for our set-up and the developer (Lucas) was incredibly responsive...working tirelessly on updates until it functioned perfectly for us.
      This extension is definitely worth the money. (Posted on 23/10/2013)

    29. Perfect Review by Jeff Riggs

      Lucas was not only kind, competent & caring, but most importantly articulate. In matter of just a couple of days he made 4 different changes, all of which met our needs. He was even so kind as to send us an update thereafter. Great module if you want to create categories by product attributes. Our primary use was to create categories by price ranges for different sets of products. It worked perfectly. You can use for any attribute sets you create for your products. Thanks, Lucas! (Posted on 18/10/2013)

    30. Wonderful product, outstanding support! Review by Stanislav (www.comfortino.com.ua)

      I'm very happy with the extension as it's what we've been looking for. We had some conflict with other extensions install and Lucas from ProxiBlue spent a lot of extra time helping us to make everything work. This is one of the best support efforts I've ever seen. He is also very fast on adding new features per request. Great! (Posted on 26/09/2013)

    31. essential Review by Mike- Kitchen Warehouse

      This product is an essential magento extension for anyone wanting to create categories with dynamic products. Particularly useful for sale periods as you can set it to show products that have the special price attribute within a certain date. Also very useful for brand and product range pages (especially for SEO) assuming you have created the correct attributes, as soon as you create a new product it gets put in without any further work. It pretty much works with all created attributes, so as long as you assign attributes to your products correctly, you can create a dynamic category around that. The developer is very active and will help out with modifications or added functionality where possible. (Posted on 12/08/2013)

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